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How to name and change settings on a phone number.
How to name and change settings on a phone number.
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After you add a phone number, you will be able to give it a name and assign it to either a job source, our Call Secure feature, or assign a Call Flow to it. To do this, all you have to do is go to your Settings, then click on Phone Numbers and select the phone number you want to edit from the list.

1. Select a phone number from the list, and a different menu will show, allowing you to make changes.

2. You will be able to change the name of the phone number, so you can identify it easily. You’ll also be able to decide what you want to use this phone number for; it can be for general use (making and receiving calls, assigning a phone number to a technician, etc), it can also be assigned to a job source (and then having a Call Flow assigned) so that whenever you get a call to that phone number, you’ll know what job source it belongs to. You can also assign it to our Call Secure feature.

3. You can assign a Call Flow to any of the numbers. This call flow can include a Call Forward, an interactive menu, a greeting, amongst other options.

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