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Auto Incoming Job
Auto Incoming Job
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Auto Incoming Job gives you the option to have tickets automatically created whenever you get an SMS from a specific phone number, with a specific template.

Setting it up is very easy and fully customizable.

1. In the navigation bar, you will find the Joby Robot 'Icon' (Workflow Automation) at the very bottom.

2. Select the Auto Incoming Job section at the top menu and then click on New Auto Incoming Job on the top right corner.

3. You will then be presented with a different page, asking you to fill in the blanks.

  • Name: The name you want to give the automated flow.

  • Job Source: Once the job source is detected, the ticket will select this specific automation to continue with work flow.

  • SMS from: The phone number you will be receiving the text messages from with the job details.

  • Email from: The email address where you will be receiving the job details.

Joby will detect this information, and once detected it will automatically create a ticket to begin a workflow assigned or a ticket that will be ready to be modified manually.

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