How to Send an SMS
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1. From the left side menu select “Messages”.

2. There, you will see a list of all of your past messages and will also have the option to create a new message. This option will be at the top right corner of the SMS list.

3. By clicking on the plu sign to create a new message, a new window will pop up asking for a phone number and the body of the message you wish to send. Click “Send” when ready. This will be sent and received as a normal SMS.

4. We also have two different search bars so you can find messages easier. The left search bar is to look for contacts, and the right search bar will help you find key words within messages.

You will hear a "ping" sound whenever you get a new message into any of your Uleadz's phone numbers.

If you still have questions or need any assistance; you can contact us directly via chat.

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