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How to See and Add Finance info to a Ticket
How to See and Add Finance info to a Ticket
Written by Uleadz Client Care
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1. Once you are within your ticket, select the Finance option from the top menu. You will see a different screen prompting you to fill up the finance details of the job. Fill in the total price for the job and on the right hand side you will be able to see the revenue split based on your previous settings for your technician and job source. Once you have entered the price for the job, you will be able to add one or different payments and select whether it was paid by cash, card, or check. You will also be able to add parts and select who provided each part and its price.

2. If you’d like to change any of the total or revenue details for this specific job, you will be able to do so in the Finance Totals section. You only have to enable the “Override rate totals” section and you’ll be able edit the revenue split for this specific ticket, overriding your previously set preferences.

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