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With Uleadz, you're able to send and receive SMS to any phone number. This includes your technicians, customers, or anybody else.

Our Plans have different amounts of SMS included into them but you can also get extra SMS on demand.

Each extra SMS segment has a price of 1.5 cents

If you need to update your plan, please contact Support.

Note: You will be charged for any message that is attempted to be delivered. Please be aware that this includes any messages that a carrier filters.

If you are on an annaul contract, please check your contract for details of your agreed phone number and SMS Segments Sent/Received usage.

Chek our full price list here:

What is an SMS segment?

An SMS message can be split into multiple segments if it exceeds a certain character limit. Usually, 1 SMS segment is 160 characters but this limit can vary depending on the type of characters used e..g emojis, accented characters.

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