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How to set Up Templates
How to set Up Templates

Customize Uleadz to fit your needs

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The templates are the ways technicians get the information necessary to perform a job. These are fully customizable to be sent via SMS or app pushed notification or email. Even more than one option can be sent at a time.

These templates can be designed by adding the information you want to be reflected in your ticket.

To set it up, go to "Settings" in your desktop Uleadz page, the option "Templates" can be found at the top, by selecting, the option to add a new template will appear.

Once inside, name the template to identify it and go to either templates for SMS or email, select the template to edit, and type the criteria you want and then click on the information you want to be displayed and save.

Now all of the jobs that come in, will reflect the information chosen for the technician.

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