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Card Payment Processing - FAQ
Card Payment Processing - FAQ
Written by Uleadz Client Care
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  • How can I register to start processing my card payments?

  1. When logging from your Uleadz app select “New” at the bottom of the dashboard

  2. Choose "Charge"

  3. We suggest to hit skip and then process a $1.00 USD charge for your first trasaction to validate the account

  4. Select "Uleadz Pay" and from there will take you to a page to continue registration

  • What are the fees to process payments?

When using a card reader: 2.9% + 15 cents

When using manually: 3.3% + 35 cents

  • I have a reader from my previous processing company, can I use it for Uleadz payments?

Yes, as long as the reader is Bluetooth, it can be used with us

  • Why do I need a Uleadz account to register with Stripe?

Stripe is not open for direct service to the public, we partnered to provide the best service to our clients so you can have everything in one place.

  • Why is all my information needed?

As Stripe processes financial transactions, business and client information is necessary to make sure your transactions are protected as the platform is legitimate.

  • Is an SSN mandatory to register for card payments?

No. You can also use this service with your EIN.

  • My account is restricted, how can I complete the registration to start using the service?

You can log in your Stripe dashboard to complete the information required, or check your email to follow the step by step indications provided.

  • I have an issue, should I call Stripe or Uleadz?

Since this involves sensitive clients and business information, direct contact with Stripe is needed for transaction inquiries.

Nevertheless Uleadz Support is happy to guide you through if needed!

  • How can I see my transaction status?

Stripe Dashboard app. Uleadz can guide you, but to protect your money and information is necessary to consult Stripe or get direct support.

  • Where can I buy a reader?

You can access the following link to order it:

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