User Types

What can different users see in Uleadz?

Written by Juan Delgado
Updated over a week ago

There are 3 different types of users:

โ€‹1. Admin/Owner
This one is automatically created when signing up with Uleadz. It has access to all finance reports, calls, tickets and settings including Joby. It can also buy numbers or additional users.

This is the only user that can modify technicians settings.

This user is included in the plan from Standard to Premium.

2. Back Office

This user is recommended for assistants or secretaries to help our minor settings as well as ticket creation and modifications and job assignations.

This user is included in the plan, depending on the chosen plan.

3. Technician

This user mainly is for the app. It only shows tickets assigned and closed only by the technician. It is created by the owner and it can be tracked via GPS.

Technicians can also process card payments on the app.

ALL TECHNICIAN USERS ARE FREE, therefore not included in the plan users.

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