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Call Flow: How to forward a call
Call Flow: How to forward a call

Forward your calls to any phone number you wish

Written by Uleadz Client Care
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With Uleadz you have the ability to forward your incoming calls to a different line than the one dialed by the caller.

To set this follow do the following steps.

  1. Go to Joby from the left hand-side menu on your desktop and open the menu for "Joby Call Flow" from the top menu.

  2. Click on "New Call Flow".

  3. You will then be presented with different options (or steps) to add to your new call flow (check our Support page to see the rest of these options). Give your new call flow a name to identify it easily. Select the step called "Forward" and drag it to the whiteboard on your right hand-side.

  4. A new menu will pop up on the right hand-side. Fill in the information requested, including the phone number you want the call to be forwarded to. You can also add a "Whisper" to add to the beginning of the call before being connected on the phone number the call is forwarding to. When you are ready, click on "Save".

  5. To finish setting this up, also make sure to click on "Save" on the main menu.

  6. Once you've set this up, open your "Settings" menu and go to "Phone Numbers" to select the phone number you want to assign this flow to.

  7. Assign the Call Flow you've just created and click on "Save".

    Now all the calls going into the phone number selected will follow the new flow assigned.

Please don't hesitate to contact Support if you need further assistance.

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