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Joby Alerts: New Ticket
Joby Alerts: New Ticket

Learn how to set up reminders for your new tickets.

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Joby can send you pre-programmed alerts for any new tickets (jobs) you get. You can choose how you'd like to be reminded.

Setting up this option is simple. Follow these next steps to configurate your Joby Alert.

  1. From the left hand side menu, go to Joby and then select the option for Joby Alerts.

  2. Open the option for "New Ticket" and start filling up the information requested.

  3. Select which job sources you'd like this new alert to apply to (all upcoming jobs from the job sources selected will be added to the alert).

  4. Select which technicians you want to be notified. If you don't want technicians to be notified, just unselect them all.

  5. Select the users you'd like to be reminded of the upcoming jobs. The alert will be sent to the phone number they have on their user profile. You can also add specific phone numbers to be reminded and/or have your clients get a notification too.

  6. Lastly, select which via you want to be reminded. You can choose between SMS, email, mobile app or all of them. You're also able to edit the information that will be shown on the alert you receive.

  7. When you're ready, remember to scroll up and select "Save". The alert should then be activated.

    If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact Support.

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