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Call Flows: Greeting
Call Flows: Greeting

Customize all your incoming calls and add a greeting.

Written by Uleadz Client Care
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With Uleadz, you're able to add a Greeting (amongs other options) to any incoming phone call. Setting this up is quick and easy.

  1. Click on "Joby" and select "Joby Call Flow" from the top menu.

2. Select the option for "New Call Flow". You will see all the different options you can customize you incoming calls. Select the "Greeting" option and drag it to the whiteboard.

3. Once the Greeting option is on the whiteboard, a new window will pop up asking you to input the greeting message or to upload an audio for your greeting.

When you're ready click on "Save"

4. Remember you can always combine different Steps (options) within the same call flow. Look in our Help Centre lo learn more.

5. Lastly, go to your "Settings", then "Phone Numbers" and assign the new Call Flow you created to the phone number you desire (Remember to click on "Save" to save changes). This way, whenever someone calls into that phone number, they will be able to listen to your new greeting.

Please don't hesitate to contact Support if you need further assistance.

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