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Call Flows: Create an Interactive Menu
Call Flows: Create an Interactive Menu

Learn how to create an interactive menu for all of your incoming calls and the different ways you can customize it.

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With Uleadz, you can assign an interactive menu to any of your incoming calls. This means that you can filter your incoming calls to create and provide a more customized service.

Follow the steps bellow to set up an interactive menu for your calls.

1. Go to your Settings and select "Joby" and then "Joby Call Flow".

2. Select the option for "New Call Flow". You will see all the different options you can customize your incoming calls. Select the "Menu" option and drag it to the whiteboard.

3. Once the "Menu" option is on the whiteboard, a new window will pop up asking you to type in the message you want your customer to hear before they are asked to select an option. This can be done through a text-to-speech or you can upload your own audio file to play before your client has to select an option.

4. You'll also be able to select how many times (loops) you want the message to play providing time for your customer to decide the option to choose.

When you're ready click on "Save".

5. Now let's move on to the extension numbers (or options). Take the "Forward" step (or any other step) and drag it underneath the "Menu" step. You can add as many as you need to.

6. Open the step you've added and complete all required fields.

7. Once you've set up the secondary steps, go back to the main step (menu) and check that each option number matches the step you want the call to follow.

8. Once you're happy with your set up, go to your "Settings", then "Phone Numbers" and assign the new Call Flow you created to the phone number you desire (Remember to click on "Save" to save changes). This way, whenever someone calls into that phone number, they will be able to listen to your new greeting.

Please don't hesitate to contact Support if you need further assistance.

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