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Send a Review link to your customers after every job
Send a Review link to your customers after every job

How to request a review from your customers automatically after a job is completed.

Written by Uleadz Client Care
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In this article we're going to learn how we can request a review from our customers after we've provided service.

This is part of our automated system, called Joby. Let's go over it step by step.

  1. From your Uleadz desktop version, open the Joby option. It's located on the left hand side of the screen at the bottom.

  2. From the top secion, open Joby Alerts. You will then see a bunch of different options to choose. Select the option called "Completed Ticket".

  3. Give a name to your new alert. You can name it "Customer Review". Then proceed to unselect all job sources, technicians and users from the list of "receivers". It's not necessary that they receive this notifications since we only need our customer to receive this SMS.

  4. On the section "When To Notify", select how long after the job has been completed you want your customer to receive the SMS asking for the review.

  5. On the receivers section at the very bottom, there's an option called "Client Job". Make sure that it's enabled. This means that the phone number of the client listed on the job will receive the SMS.

  6. On the Platform section select "Sms" and on the Template section, type (or copy) the body of the message you want your customers to receive. In there, you can add a link to your google reviews, or any other place where your customers are able to leave feedback/review.

  7. When you're done make sure to scroll back up and click on "Save".

Here's a small video going over steps 3-7.

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