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Set Up Joby Flow by List
Set Up Joby Flow by List
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Send job to a list of technicians, one after the another - with a certain amount of waiting time in between.

  1. Drag the “List” option under the Strat Flow icon.

  2. A pop up menu will open on the right hand side of your browser, where you will be able to customize your preferences.

3. You’ll be able to select a name for this step

4. Assign (by dragging names to the green side) technicians to the list. Technicians number 1 will get the job offered first, followed by number 2, etc.

5. Under “Wait for response” you’ll select how much time you want to give your technician to accept the job before it gets offered to someone else.

6. Under “Loop” you’ll select how many times you want the same flow to run after it’s finished in case nobody accepts the job on the first run.

5. “Wait after each loop ends” refers to the time you want to have between loops repeating.

6. You can also override wait time response and loops and limit pending jobs per technician.

7. After you’ve set everything up, click on Save and go to your JobSources menu to assign the Flow to them.

If you want more information about how to set up Joby Submit flows, please access the following link

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