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How to Activate Call Secure and Caller ID
How to Activate Call Secure and Caller ID
Written by Juan Delgado
Updated over a week ago

1. Call Secure - Outbound Calls

1.1 From the left side menu select “Settings”.

1.2. Once it opens up, stay on the “Account” menu and go to “Call Secure”.

1.3. Enable the Call Secure option and select the phone number you have designed to Call Secure (check “How to Purchase a Phone Number”).

1.4. Once your settings are ready, don’t forget to click on “Save”.

1.5. You can also select the phone number you want your customers to see when your technician is calling them. To activate this option, enable “Hide technician’s caller ID” and select the phone number you want your customers to see when they receive a call.

2. Call Secure - Inbound Calls-Callbacks / Caller ID

There are various options to set up your call backs, from having your technicians' real number to forwarding the call all the way back to the company. To start, choose what number you want to see, for that please check the options below:

Option 1A. Hide Technician's ID:

  • Disabled - The number displayed will be the technician's number.

  • Enabled - Whenever a client receives a call through Call Secure, the displayed number will be one of the company numbers.

    To enable:

    • 1A.1: Go to Phone Numbers and buy a new number.

    • 1A.2: Go to Joby and create a new call flow to assign to this number

    • 1A.3: Go back to Phone Numbers and select the phone number you bought for this purpose and rename the phone to identify it then assign type "Callback Secure".

    • 1A.4: Now, this number will appear available under the name you chose on the Phone number (with call flow) portion of the Client Callback

1B. Advance Client Callback:

  • When a client call back, The system will connect the call with the technician assigned to the job. (as long as the job is open)

  • This option will also display Foward Client To Company so the call is attended to even if the job status is completed or canceled, or the technician does not answer.

  • You can add a new number with call flow OR to a specific customized physicial number.

Lastly, you can decide when this extension code expires for your technician to contact the client at the bottom of the same section.

You can always contact your account manager or our Support Desk for assistance!

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