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What are they for and how to use them

Written by Uleadz Client Care
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Since you sign up with Uleadz, you are automatically given a virtual phone number to choose and assign to your account; this is to forward calls, jobs, and notifications without compromising your actual phone line's privacy. This is also the number your technicians are going to receive the SMS from with the jobs you assign to them.

There are 3 types of Uleadz phone numbers:

  • General: Can be used to forward all types of calls as long as they are set up to do so. Or can be used to send messages to your technicians.

  • Job Source: Can be assigned to a specific job source so we can identify where the ticket is coming from and track it, leading to following specific settings.

  • Call Secure: Can be assigned to call secure so every ticket that comes in with call secure active will reflect this number along with a 3 digit code and gets recorded. (For more info access the following link:

  • Callback Secure: This number can be used to receive all calls from jobs that had call secure active and have been closed, or that technician did not answer.

You can get more phone numbers by upgrading your plan or purchasing a line if necessary by selecting "Phone numbers" in the settings section and pressing "Buy Numbers"

Once inside it will give you the option to purchase a specific area code or last numbers, and depending on the options chosen, a list of numbers will display. Each number can be destined for any function you need.

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