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How To Process A Credit Card Payment
How To Process A Credit Card Payment
Written by Uleadz Client Care
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Receiving payments from your customers has never been easier. Our Uleadz app allows you to process credit card payments in an easy and swift manner.

To start accepting payments, make sure you have registered for our CC Processing feature.

To accept a payment, follow these steps:

1. From your Uleadz Dashboard, select the “New” option at the bottom of the screen, followed by the option “Charge”.

2. You will then be able to attach a ticket number to this payment. You can also select if the payment will be done by Credit Card or Cash. Fill in the amount and card details and select “Charge” and the bottom of the screen.

3. Once all of the information has been put in and you have selected “Charge” your customer will be prompted with the option to add a tip for their technician. Click on “Charge” once the tip amount has been selected.

4. Once the payment has been successfully charged, you will get the option to collect your customer’s signature.

5. You can also choose to view and send a receipt to your customer via email or phone number.

Visit our FAQ to learn more about Credit Card processing.

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